Our Spirit Friends


My heart skipped a beat when I read in Journey of Souls that spiritual presences on earth and in the afterlife often appear to be ‘buzzing around like fireflies’ (p98).  If you’ve been following this blog since Xmas, you’ll see that several times I wrote about seeing flashes of light in the room that looked like fireflies (both the night Laura was preparing to pass and in the months afterwards).  Now they are an almost daily presence, especially when I am thinking of something emotional or spiritual. I’ve come to think of them as my friendly spirit guides.

Another phenomenon that the book describes and that I’ve witnessed this last year is when I am conflicted and ask ‘the universe’ (or more recently Laura) for guidance, a sentence comes to me like a sudden clear thought (it happens quite often while I am meditating). Before Laura died I thought of  this as ‘intuition’, but maybe it’s what the book describes as spirit guides trying to communicate and ‘implant thoughts in our minds’. Here’s how one spirit guide describes reaching out to us.  ‘[Humans].. have to calm their minds and focus attention away from their immediate surrounds by silence..reaching inward..to fasten on their inner voice. They must reach out beyond what is troubling them in order to be receptive to me.  That’s difficult if they don’t remain calm.  It’s hard for people on Earth. The energy of directed thought must override human emotion…You are shut out of a cluttered mind when attentions are distracted and thought energy is scattered about… I implant ideas – which they assume is inspiration – to try and give them peace.’ (182-4)



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  1. Marilyn says:

    Lucie, it’s all beautiful! ( two fireflies flew into my bedroom the other night!)
    Be well.


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