The Isle of Avalon

glast 2

What do you think the heart chakra of the world might feel like? Tender, warm, comforting?  Volatile, passionate, wild?  Strong, steady, powerful? At first I couldn’t feel anything. After climbing the almost vertical steps to the top of Glastonbury Tor (reputedly the heart chakra of the world), I was dismayed that I felt so little. The powerful energy of other energy vortexes I’ve visited is intoxicating. At Sedona’s Bell Rock even the trees grow in swirls, the vortex pull is so strong. So I took off my shoes to connect better with the earth and lay down, an almost impossible feat in the eddying winds around the Tor. And then I got it. This is a place of unbridled passions, of winds that lash the top non stop, a place of strong currents and of 360 views of everything around.  Nothing is hidden.  Nothing is missed.  Lying on the ground I started to feel great warmth (despite the constant lashing) and a soft calm bubbling energy seep through me – a subtle rooting, a protective calm.  Inspite of whatever happens, I felt strong, warm and safe. As I walked down, I heard a powerful voice inside: ‘I am the heart chakra – hear me roar!’

Glastonbury Tor was once an island surrounded by water.  It is because of this and its mysterious energy that it is thought to be the Isle of Avalon in Arthurian legend.

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  1. Hi Lucie, I have been following your blog posts with great interest on an almost daily basis (since the springtime). Your topics are so thoughtfully chosen, very educational and a true inspiration. Please keep on posting.
    I wish you a continuing inspiring and spiritually enriching journey.


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