Chalice Well


The Chalice Well at the foot of Glastonbury Tor is supposed to contain healing water. When I drank a little, I was surprised to find it tastes like blood, probably due to the high iron content and slightly viscose quality. The taste is an odd coincidence because legend has it Joseph of Arimethea buried the holy grail here (that is the cup Jesus used during the Last Supper when he said to his disciples; ‘Drink this. This is my blood.. shed for you for the remission of sins’).  The well supposedly sprung up at the site where the holy grail is buried. Surrounding the well is a beautiful garden where I found this angel.

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  1. Steve Bealing says:

    The Grail is supposed to be buried somewhere on Grail Hill (opposite to Glastonbury Tor). It was once a sacred landscape but I admit I didn’t feel any connections when I visited a few years back.


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