Home again

‘I’m free. And I’m going back home, back to where I belong,’ our friend Fatima sang at Laura’s memorial. She was channelling what Laura would say to us from the after life if she could. In Michael Newton’s book Journey of Souls, people use the exact same language to describe how they feel after leaving life on earth. If the book is right, our true home is a disincarnate place of pure energy where souls play (laughter is encouraged), study (learning is essential to our development) and get to hang out with beloved soul mates (typically a cohort of between 5 and 25 souls) even those currently here on earth can be in the spirit realm simultaneously.

Newton’s 19 subjects say we come to earth over many lives to hone skills; to learn how to be patient, kind, understanding, adaptable to change and to have insight and the ability to put aside self interest and help others. Life is like acting class (‘earth is one big play stage’ one says). We try out different scenarios (male, female, gay, straight, early death, old age, painful death, easy life, torment, power struggles, true love, etc) to grow and evolve. Our soul powers advance with each lesson learned. And our soul mates (our constant companions in our true home) regularly accompany us to earth, showing up in bit parts or lead parts. Before we are born, each soul has ‘signs placed in our mind… in order to jog our memories later as human’ so we can spot our soul mates (clue – eyes are windows to the soul).  But even if we miss these signs, we are never alone here. Our soul friends and spirit guides constantly send us messages –  if only we can still our minds long enough to hear them. Meditation and centering prayer clear a space for this intelligence.

Earth is considered a harsh environment for souls because,’it is full of ‘uncertainty and fear brought about by the aggressive competing humans’. But souls still love to incarnate here because they relish the chance to have a body and enjoy the sheer physical pleasure of life on earth and the swell of  powerful positive emotions that accompany being human.  ‘For all earth’s quarreling and cruelty, there is passion and bravery here.’

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Hmm, passion n bravery —-a magical n lethal combination!


    1. yup, but our passionate mistakes are how we learn. We have to ‘dare greatly’ and ‘live wholeheartedly’ as Brene Brown says in her vulnerability work. Easier said than done, right?


  2. b0phal says:

    Inspiring 🙂 that is definitely on my booklist!
    If you can share your writing on http://www.rainteam.com to Inspire other cancer patients, that would be amazing!

    Thank you. Im bookmarking your page….
    Best of luck to two beautiful souls and energy.


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