Holding Hands Day – August 9th

Why doesn’t someone invent a Holding Hands Day, I thought.  And to my delight I just found out it is a real day – August 9th. Laura and I held hands everywhere –  at home, in the movies, in the street, in hospital. We couldn’t get enough. Holding Laura’s hand in mine warmed my heart and soothed my soul and was a great way to channel the electric energy between us.  Scientists say there are several measurable benefits to holding hands. James Coan at the University of Virginia found that even holding a stranger’s hand lessens the effects of intense stress on a person. And the more you love the person you touch, the stronger the benefits. Another scientist at the University of North Carolina showed that holding hands can lower your blood pressure and your heart rate too.  You don’t need a scientific study to prove all this, just feel it for yourselves. I dare you to hold hands with your partner, a dear friend, a family member, a child or a stranger this week. Get practicing, so you can be out and proud holding hands on August 9th.

hands 1

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  1. How wonderful – that there is a Holding Hands Day! I did not know that. But I know and can confirm that the human touch is beneficial for our health and well-being. When we are deprived of it, it does have a negative influence on us. When I was in the hospital for four straight months, everybody had to gown up, wear gloves and masks when visiting me to prevent infections. I longed so much for a real hand to hold, to feel the warmth, or have someone touch and kiss my cheek. Being deprived of a human touch, I often wondered, if I was dead or still alive. I felt like being trapped in a bubble totally cut off from life. Well, this year, I will be in the hospital again on the 9th of August (hopefully for the last surgery). I hope and wish for you, Lucie, that you have someone who holds your hand on the Holding Hands Day. – Sincerely, Angelika


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