What Children Know

imaginary friends

This week a dear young girl told me about her ‘imaginary friends’ and how they are real to her and that she thinks they are spirits that come to play with her when she is lonely. I didn’t laugh or hope she would grow out of it.  Instead I remembered that on the last page of  Journey of Souls Michael Newton says that what adults dismissively call ‘imaginary friends’ are often real spirit friends from previous lives who come to play with us and comfort us. I also heard this week from a family friend about a little 3-year-old girl who recently announced to her mummy that her large birth mark on her back is from the bullet that killed her during World War 2.  Call it a vivid imagination?  I say the poet Wordsworth was right, children are closer to the spirit world and know far more than we do.

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  1. Jane says:

    I totally believe this and am grateful for the pointer towards Journey of Souls.. will start to read this soon as what you have already written resonates with me 🙂 Kia Kaha on your journey (one I have already taken – if you check your ‘other’ message box on Facebook you’ll see a message I sent you a while ago).


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