The Hours

If only I could have back all the hours that Laura and I spent apart during our relationship; the hours we worked, the evenings apart or rare occasions when we traveled apart. My guess is all this time would amount to at least another year together. What I wouldn’t give for those hours now. Time is our most precious gift to each other and ourselves. In the West we are cash rich (half the world lives on less than $2.50 a day) but we are time poor and worse, we are often tight fisted about time. When Laura was first diagnosed with cancer and we announced I was taking two years off to help save my beloved soul mate, many cheered us on, but others were shocked or openly critical. ‘ You can’t abandon your life, give up your work’.  I know it was meant out of concern for my well being. But those 7 and a half months were among the most meaningful in my life. And now I’ve taken time off again to see my family in England and am thinking of more time off to travel for myself and to put my heart and thoughts back together. And again I am hearing the same chorus, ‘How can you afford time to do this’. My feeling is that I can’t afford not to take this precious time. Our lives are an hourglass moving only in one direction.

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  1. Marilyn says:



  2. Angelika says:

    Thanks again, Lucie, for this meaningful posting on ‘The Hours’. I can absolutely relate to it, how you feel about the ‘lost’ hours Laura and you spent apart. When a tragedy happens, we gain a completely different time sense. Our perception of time changes. All of a sudden time becomes a precious value. Just to BE with a loved one or spending time by yourself. Most people in the Western world are trapped in this huge all-consuming time machine. How many times have I heard from people around me: “We would like to visit you in the hospital, but I’m busy. I don’t have time”. I have found that most people are addicted to a busy lifestyle and all kinds of meaningless activities and distractions or thinking about making more money. They get nervous when not running around; they can’t be still and just be.


  3. Jamie says:

    I think that you should follow the intuitive path that renders itself before you. There is not guilt. There is not remorse. There is only the path.


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