Play, Play, Play

‘Oh little playmate won’t you come out and play. Let’s play, play, play!” Laura would sing. One of the many endearing things about her was that she could be just as silly, playful and direct as a little kid. She would race me down the stairs in the subway or in a museum. She would push me down an inch in photos (usually because I was standing on tiptoe). Our first date was in a games bar playing ping pong, table football and billiards. Sometimes at night she would thumb wrestle me in bed. Fortunately Brits love games too. It isn’t Christmas in England without charades, card games and Scrabble (my grandma must have memorized the entire dictionary). On holiday in Puglia one of the sweetest moments happened when the whole family (ages 11 to 87) joined in to play table football at a beach bar. Sometimes the best things in life are just impromptu silliness.

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6 thoughts on “Play, Play, Play

  1. Having followed your blog prior to Laura’s death, I continue to read. You are so lucky as to have gathered together a life worth living, and find within it all the reasons to be alive. I wish you well, happiness, and love.


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