Miriam Magier (Laura’s grandmother)
Mary Bryson (Lucie’s grandmother)


Here are our beloved maternal grandmothers.  Laura’s grandma lived in the apartment below her parents in Forest Hills Queens and lavished her with the love and attention she felt she was missing at home. Laura wrote: ‘I took after my grandmother and liked art. She bought me my first camera a Minolta SLR101 that I used for 20 years’. Laura took portraits of her grandmother on her death bed (she also died of cancer). My beloved grandmother lived in Scotland. I loved visiting her in Edinburgh in her tall granite apartment house.  She was a very kind and compassionate woman with lovely soothing energy. I would go with her ‘to do the messages’. I was not sure what these messages were at first, it all seemed quite mysterious. Everyday my grandmother in kid gloves and a big hat would visit various places in Morningside and pick up white packages tied with string.  Later I discovered this was local parlance for the groceries.  She was a practical woman who raised 8 children during the Great Depression and World War 2 and was not given to flights of fancy. But in her 80s she told my mum she had seen a ghost. It was at the funeral of a missionary friend. She saw a white form float up the aisle, stop beside her pew and nod. Grandma took it as a good sign. She thought it was her missionary friend come to tell her not to worry about the after life.’Don’t worry Mary  everything is going to be alright’   She died not long after herself.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Angelika says:

    Both are very graceful and kind looking ladies.


  2. Karen Perrey says:

    Beautiful ladies, full of character. Lucie, your Grandma looks so contemporary in this photo!


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