Soul Journey – part two


Woo hoo, I’ve been leaping around my apartment like someone in a bouncy castle all day. I am so happy.  I am off to Sedona (Arizona) and New Mexico starting Monday. I’ve been dreaming of vortices and want to bathe in that special energy again. Four years ago, I made a quick stop at Sedona after visiting Monument Valley (one of the most magnificent places on earth).  A little after sunrise I climbed up Bell Rock past all the trees growing in spirals and sat for an hour on the scorched red earth. The vortex energy made my spine tingle and my throat open as if I could sing.  Talking to a fellow traveller I had a wonderful resonant voice like a bell.  Something shifted. A door opened inside. And three months later I met Laura.

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  1. Makes me want to go to Sedona even more. Sounds wonderful, being bathed in energy.


  2. Wow, this sounds magic, Lucie. Soak in as much positive energy as you can. I know you will. Have a blessed trip and please keep your blog family posted. -Angelika


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