Madonna Badger

I can’t think of a braver soul than Madonna Badger, who lost all three of her children and both parents in a fire at her home in Connecticut three years ago. Here she is talking to Oprah on last weekend’s Super Soul Sunday (surely Oprah’s best work) about connecting with departed loved ones (like Oprah’s friend Maya Angelou).

Oprah – It is hard to explain but obviously I miss the physicality of Maya, but I can feel the spirit of her and sometimes I can speak and hear her voice in me.  I know that it is real and you have had something similar.

Madonna Badger – For the longest time I thought I was nuts.  I really thought I was bonkers and I didn’t really care much…  It is real.  I am not making this up, they [my three daughters] are really talking to me.  It is so mind blowing…  By being super present and in my body that’s when I feel them the most …But oh boy, when I get bitter or angry I can’t feel my children. (Her daughters also appear in unexpected ways) sometimes in the form of a butterfly.

Madonna Badger – (On hearing a little girl call out ‘Mommy’ or seeing kids on a school bus).  It makes me want to shut down.  But I turn it around and see love there…The love I had for my children is right here, right now… Love is forever. Hate doesn’t take you to all the beautiful places love does.. Now I am just trying to live my life the best I can, so they (her 3 girls and parents) will be proud of me.

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  1. I’m absolutely sure, Laura couldn’t be prouder of you, Lucie. And she will always be……


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