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Laura was an art photographer (her work is collected by 4 New York museums). One of her favorite studies was of her dear friends and upstairs neighbors Marion and Sharon and their two baby girls Tati and Meg.  She followed the family around for 5 years. ‘Laura was obsessed with Tati’ says Marion (one of the two moms).  ‘She couldn’t stop taking pictures. She stalked us everywhere, even to the doctors.’  Marion was surprised that Laura, then in her 20s, would have the time or interest to do such an involved family story. But, she says: ‘She was just awestruck about us having the babies. It was pretty unusual back then. And also she was just crazy about her “Tatala”.’

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  1. Truly artistic photography! Did Laura take these photos with a digital camera or a conventional film camera? The lighting and contrasts are amazing. Somehow I’ve never managed to find the right settings on my digital camera for good monochrome contrasting.


    1. They were taken in the late 80s/early 90s so most likely it would have been an old fashioned SLR camera, not digital. She was certainly good at lighting, framing and also burning in more light where needed for highlights in the developing room. So glad you like them.


  2. Marion says:

    Laura’s pictures of my Tati and my other daughter Meggie are truly priceless. They are among our most cherished possessions and will be handed down in our family for years to come. We have included a picture of Laura in the box where we keep the collection of photos so that everyone will see the beautiful person who was looking through the lens and capturing moments in my daughters’ lives that perhaps by now would be long forgotten. We are and always will be eternally grateful to Laura for not only the photos, but for the gift of friendship and love she had for our family.

    And thank you Lucie for your thoughtfulness in including us in your blog!


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