Heaven on Earth

I saw a little piece of heaven last week and that glimpse will burn like an ember in my heart for the rest of my life. In a year of extraordinary adventures, this has to be the most awe-inspiring and weirdest thing I’ve done. I did a life between lives regression. Essentially I was hypnotized and then I was taken back into a past life. And after I died in that past life, I followed my soul up into the afterlife.

I’ve never been one for the easy or obvious route. And it was the same with this. Beforehand my hypnotherapist Sophia Kramer carefully explained the usual trajectory for a life between lives regression. At first it would be a bit like a near death experience. I would feel my body rising up, probably see a lot of light and then I would be greeted by loved ones and my soul guides. After this welcome committee, I would be taken to a place called ‘the counsel of elders’ where I would get to discuss my soul’s purpose and get pointers on what I could do better in this life. It sounded a bit like being summoned to the headmaster’s office for a progress report. I am a journalist and questions are my forte, so I spent months (since reading Michael Newton’s ‘Journey of Souls’) polishing a long list of questions for my spirit guides; everything from Where should I live now? Why do I have hip pain? What am I supposed to be doing here anyway? to Why did Laura die? But the one thing I wanted more than anything was to see Laura again. I told Sophia that if I got to see her, to just leave me in that space for as long as possible. Four hours of just staring at Laura would be bliss.

Needless to say, nothing happened as planned.

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  1. Karen Perrey says:

    I am left with the tantalising thought of what you glimpsed. I hope your wishes were fulfilled and you gained a sense of bliss x


  2. Mary says:

    Come on now Lucy. This is a nail biting cliffhanger! The story of how it went please? Pretty please?


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