Creation (the quantum view)


I always thought you needed a time machine to travel back in time.  But with hypnotherapy you can jump into the past and up to heaven without leaving your armchair. It sounds crazy when you read it like that. But really is it any odder than quantum physics?  Cutting edge physicists believe that nothing in this life is solid  (not a rock, a building, not even your kitchen table) and that all time is present simultaneously (which should make time travel easy) and in fact nothing exists, nothing (!) unless we consciously look at it and bring it into being. It is mind-blowing stuff, basically we create everything in our world.  We call it into being. But no-one calls these scientists nuts (or ‘woo woo’ that popular spiritual put down).  Instead these scientists win nobel prizes, OBEs and seats at the top of academia.

Here’s British physicist, OBE and Professor Jim Al-Khalili on the nature of reality. ‘It is hard to over state how crazy all this is…Bear in mind that electrons are the commonest and most basic building blocks of reality and yet.. only by looking do we actually conjure their position into existence.  It is like there’s a curtain between us and the quantum world and behind it there is no solid reality, just the potential for reality.  Things only become real when we pull back the curtain and look…Everything we call real is made up of things that cannot themselves be regarded as some sense the moon truly doesn’t exist when we’re not looking.’

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  1. It really is all an illusion in the mind – and some of our illusions are more uplifting than others, so choose carefully.


    1. Peter I couldn’t agree more. It explains the power of meditation and ‘training the mind’ to focus on positive things or even just silently observe rather than squirrel about in worry and negativity. if we create our own reality, then every negative thought brings with it more negativity, but best of all every positive thought/feeling brings more light and joy.


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