Comic Relief

Today I am in bed with a cold and a bad case of the grumps. Laura, bless her, left behind an epic financial mess which has taken all year to unpick. And it is still not sorted. I would have gone mad long ago if it wasn’t for Paul and Nita, kindly professionals who have held my hand through the storm. But today I just got incredibly angry at Laura. This is the first time I’ve lost it. It was just a bill too far. Basically it is not Laura’s fault, it is just my own fear. Fear that I can’t cope (isn’t that what anger is 99% of the time?).  So I took to bed and comforted myself with Laura’s old blanket, lemon and honey drinks and lots of British telly.  Heaven sent was the Great British Bake Off with Patsy and Eddie from Ab Fab.  Eddie made a giant squishy chocolate cake bed with vodka icing and Bolly bottles around the bottom, Pats made a giant mess, essentially a coffee-flavored swamp, and Dame Edna Everage (in purple wig, pink dress and enormous rhinestone spex) made the Sydney Opera House in meringue with pink sharks.  Well, who wouldn’t cheer up after that?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jamie says:

    Glad Ab Fab still brings a smile and many chuckles!


  2. Hope you feel better soon, Lucie. Sending love and healing energy from Canada. -Angelika


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