Inspired by Kathleen

Kathleen Blake

Kathleen Blake is one of the most altruistic people I’ve met. She healed from thyroid cancer 28 years ago doing the Gerson Therapy and even though she is retired now and could be relaxing in her Sedona garden with her lovely Westie, Toby, she spends most days manning the Facebook Gerson Therapy Support Group page, helping shepherd the nearly 8000 members through their recovery. The intelligence of the group (there are many who have done the therapy and survived) is extremely powerful. One thing that comes across loud and clear is that Dr Cervantes at the Gerson clinic in Mexico is not doing the therapy the way Dr Max Gerson prescribed it, so many now are following Kathleen’s lead . She did the therapy at home without attending the clinic and used Dr Max Gerson’s original book A Cancer Therapy as her guide.

When I first phoned Kathleen last spring, I saw white lights popping all over the living room, it was like Laura was sending up fireworks she was so happy. Like most people who’ve healed the alternative way, Kathleen has a warrior spirit and a strong spiritual side. She was the first person to mention Abraham Hicks to me last fall when we met in Sedona. She and her husband Charles got hooked on the material during a trying period when their youngest son wanted to drop out of college.  ‘We would listen to recordings of Esther Hicks channeling Abraham all day long while we did the chores,’ she said. As a result, they followed Abraham advice and didn’t resist their son’s choice (with the usual arguments about ‘throwing away his life’, ‘wasting tuition fees’ etc) and instead allowed him to follow his intuition and do what made him happy.  So he dropped out and within a short while, puttering about following his passions, he invented a piece of software that made him a millionaire.  To me Abraham’s teachings are very similar in spirit to Ken Robinson’s famous Ted talk ‘How Schools Kill Creativity (31 million views worldwide and counting..)

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