Motherwort sounds like something dropped into the cauldron by the witches in Macbeth, ‘eye of newt, toe of frog..howlet’s wing..’ But this herb, whose Latin name is ‘lion heart’, is the perfect remedy for grief. Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett gave it to me when Laura was dying. She writes in her new book The Gift of Healing Herbs that motherwort invokes openness, acceptance and peace. It also induces calmness and eases anxiety. I take just one drop of Gaia Organic Motherwort Tops liquid herbal extract in water, or lick it off the back of my hand. It is intensely bitter, but within minutes I feel calm and centered and able to go on. I gave it to one of my friends last night and it calmed her jangled nerves instantly. Motherwort is also great for menopausal symptoms. For me, it cuts hot flashes in a second.  According to Robin Rose Bennett, it also heals menstrual cramps, ovarian cysts, palpitations and over-active thyroid. Apparently, anywhere up to a teaspoon of liquid essence is OK (just put it in water!).

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  1. Wow, that sounds promising. I’ve never heard of the Motherwort herb. I’ve got all the symptoms you listed which Motherwort is supposed to relieve. I will give it a try. Thanks, as always, Lucie, for your valuable hints and sharing your broad knowledge.


    1. do let me know if it works for you. I would start slow with a drop and build up. I am very sensitive and found one drop enough. I also take linden tea which is beautifully soothing. How are you??


      1. Oh, I know linden flower tea, in German Lindenbluetentee. I grew up with it. Whenever I had an upset stomach or intestinal cramps, linden helped wonderfully. I did not know that it also helps to calm the nerves. For soothing and calming the nerves valerian root is proven to be most effective within the family of herbal remedies (it has an awfully bitter taste but really helps). And St. John’s Worth is known to relieve anxiety and depression. As for me now, all these herbal remedies don’t do much anymore. Since my accident I am on the heavy duty drugs. Clonezepam and Mirtazapine every night. LOL.


        1. do take care of you…whatever shape that takes. And thank you for the tips about st john’s wort and valerian.


  2. Marilyn says:

    Thnx Lucie—I could use some of this about now!


    1. I’ve had a couple of drops today already!!


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