Seeing with the Eyes of Soul


One of my most precious experiences was seeing life through the eyes of soul during my past life regression. When I saw all the mistakes I had made and the terrible things that had happened in a past life, I saw them neutrally. At first I thought I had just gone numb, or that ‘I must be really cold.  I am not reacting.’ Then Sophia Kramer, my regression therapist, confirmed that this is how spirit sees things. There is no judgment, no anger, no emotion, just quiet understanding and acceptance.  It was extraordinary. My soul looked at murder and forgave. Back in my present life, it didn’t take long to notice the difference and see how judgmental and unforgiving my human self can be about comparatively tiny stuff.  Witnessing the soul’s view and seeing how my karma has played out (mistakes in one life were revisited and unravelled in the next) has helped me understand that the most appalling blunders are important turning points – if not in this life, then further down the line.

Best of all, I just discovered I can call on spirit anytime to switch lenses. Twice recently when I got into that awful dog-chasing-its-tail thinking about something, and couldn’t let go and move on, I asked to see the upsetting events with the eyes of soul. In a flash the pain was neutralized and I saw clearly it was no-one’s fault; we were all doing our best. My suffering was gone.

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  1. Lrdna says:

    So beautiful! 


  2. suefrederick says:

    Hi Lucie, This is what I teach in my workshops and it’s what my newest book is about: Your Divine Lens That’s the core of all of my work: switching lenses. Well said…


    1. Thanks Sue, it’s comforting to know I am not alone in experiencing these things.


  3. In the Way of Mastery material, Jeshua continually reminds us that all events are neutral, and we can see them that way if we choose to – or we can judge and blame and experience the consequences. Life is much more enjoyable if we make the first choice.

    The good bit is if we made the second choice with regard to any event, we can always choose again if we don’t like the consequences.

    Thanks to sharing your insight.


    1. Thanks Peter, how can I find out more about Jeshua?


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