Strange Magic

When I came back from England last week, I walked into my apartment and noticed immediately Laura’s photograph had moved. It was folded up flat and lying neatly on the bookcase.  It looked so odd. So deliberate. My first thought was someone  has broken in.  But that’s nuts. Who would break in to rearrange the decor?…

A Word from Emerson

Tis curious that we only believe as deep as we live – Emerson, ‘Beauty’

Patchwork Heart

Sometimes my patchwork heart aches so. So many pieces missing. So many scars and repairs. How do we go on? Sometimes, like last Friday, joy evaporates and is replaced with a rush of pain and then the ooze of black bilious anger that seeps out of every pore when I feel dread fear combined with…

Tolstoy on Suffering

‘They say suffering is our misfortune. But if I was asked would I stay as I was before I was taken prisoner or go through it all again, I would say: “For God’s sake –  let me be a prisoner again!”  When our lives are knocked off course, we imagine everything in them is lost….

Seeing with the Eyes of Soul

One of my most precious experiences was seeing life through the eyes of soul during my past life regression. When I saw all the mistakes I had made and the terrible things that had happened in a past life, I saw them neutrally. At first I thought I had just gone numb, or that ‘I…