Good News.

Grandma, Me & Mum

The surgeon is going to do ‘watchful waiting’ with mum’s aneurysms.  He is not even going to treat her leg clot (a possible break off piece from the aneurysm) as he said the contrast dye used in the angioplasty operation would hurt her kidneys. So it is back to natural remedies and lots of love, hugs and nettle tea (a tonic for the kidneys!). The surgeon was super impressed by how well mum is doing and how medically well informed she is.  ‘If only all my patients were as interested in their condition as you,’ he lamented. Three days earlier, I got a comforting visit from my dead grandma. During my daily meditation/prayer cycle I suddenly smelt her presence in the room.  She died over 30 years ago, but there was her scent as sharp and clear as when I last saw her (I must have been 22); a slight whiff of mothballs, her old fashioned hand cream and the sweet smell of her skin. I loved her dearly.  And when Laura was dying I felt her loving presence and my Uncle Robert hovering nearby.

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  1. Lrdna says:

    Love the news Lucie. A warm hello from chilli Cuzco. Worrie how i will stay warm sleeping outdoors. Today: headache. Good night

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    1. Good to hear you survived the night in lima airport! Hope you are taking your altitude herbs and getting a hit of oxygen. XX


  2. Pawel Pilch says:

    Beautiful memory Lucy. I was thinking about my grandmother today as well…
    I hope your Mom feels better
    worm hug:)


    1. thanks Pawel, let’s catch up soon. i miss you. Lx


  3. Pawel Pilch says:

    ‘Warm’ is what I meant of course 😉


  4. Jamie says:

    I am glad to hear of the watchful waiting and more natural remedies. Sending you and yours and your dear mum loving and healing thoughts. xo


  5. Glad to hear your mom is doing ok and taking natural remedies.


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