I feel like I am standing on the beach, shouting at the waves to go back.  Could someone please arrange with the universe to give my family a break. I don’t want anyone else dying – not yet.  I know we all must go and we’ll all be OK in the end. Death is really only a catapult into an incredible new adventure. But this doesn’t lessen the pain of separation (Oh for one more smile or hug from Laura!).

My beloved mum is seeing a surgeon again next week.  Her health traumas have book-ended Laura’s passing. In the last couple of years, she has had a stroke, a triple bypass operation and eye surgery, and now she has a double abdominal aortic aneurysm. By day I’ve been researching the subject to help my parents with their decisions. By night I just want to pull the covers over my head and howl.

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  1. Jamie says:


    Sending your mum some loving and healing thoughts and some restful thoughts for you. And big hugs too.


  2. Marilyn says:

    Thinking of u and Mom. Will try to call.


  3. Karen Perrey says:

    So sorry to hear your news. I follow your blog from England and have been so uplifted by your posts in past months. Why life inflicts one distress on top of another at certain times is unfathomable. But I do believe the continued strength you gain from Laura, will be with you as you deal with the battle of your Mum’s illness. Love and prayers


    1. thanks karen. I know you are right. I felt my grandma’s presence yesterday reassuring me. xx


  4. reg says:

    Oh god, Lucie. I hope your mom is okay.


  5. My heart is going out to you, Lucie. I’m so sorry that your mom has these health challenges. I so much agree with what Karen Perrey said. Our loved ones on the other side channel energy and love back to us to sustain us in this broken world, so that we can fulfill our mission and purpose on this earth. Laura will always be by your side.


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