The Bee Cure


Spring is my favorite season, but I used to burst out in a symphony of sneezing fits, runny eyes and streaming nose the the moment the spring blooms arrived. Then I discovered a teaspoon-a-day of Bee Pollen cured my hay fever. It works best if you also quit mucous-producing dairy too. Last year I bought an extra bottle of bee pollen to help one of the doormen in my building, who had taken so many over-the-counter remedies he was barely able to stand up. I suggested he start slow and work up to a teaspoon a day (it usually takes a couple of days to work). But the next day he looked amazing.  Impressed, I asked what he did, ‘I took a tablespoon like you told me to.’  He was lucky. In some people, bee pollen can cause shortness of breath and hives.

Did you know bees flap their wings 12,000 times a minute and fly up to 6 miles a day? It’s no wonder they have all that energy, bee pollen is the single richest source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and the only non-meat source to contain all the amino acids.  Reputedly it also aids the digestion and circulation, speeds healing, boosts the immune system, cures sinusitis and asthma, and can help balance your hormones (reducing menopausal symptoms). The other great thing is it tastes like candy!

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