Kitchen Aid

My cooking has gotten a noticeable fillip since Laura died.  I suspect she is in the kitchen giving me a hand.  I am serious.  I’ve cooked all my life (3 meals a day) But since Laura passed, everything comes out much better, even when I am not looking.  I taught Laura my few tricks in the kitchen (she didn’t cook when we met), but she quickly surpassed me, studiously perfecting her favorite dishes like pistachio and rosemary crusted rack of lamb or sage and garlic roast chicken.

Writing this makes me think of Esther Hicks.  She said her driving got better after her husband Jerry died.  The pair had toured the country in a giant RV (‘the monster bus’) en route to the events where she channels the spirit entities called Abraham.  It was Jerry’s job to do the map reading en route (Esther drove) and apparently he wasn’t that great.  But Esther says now he is in spirit form and is omniscient, he is a far better guide. She receives his directions as ‘intuition’ and gets to the right destination easily and on time.

PS  Esther calls her new combined Jerry/Esther self – ‘Jester’. Maybe I should refer to myself as ‘Lula’ or ‘La Luce’?

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  1. Wow, this is stunning. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Let us know what else -besides cooking- you are guided into. You make this Esther Hicks sound like a fascinating person. I feel intrigued to look into her at YouTube.


    1. Check out the videos on youtube under Abraham Hicks (Esther channeling Abraham) and especially Abraham Hicks + Non Physical. Let me know what you think.


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