Larkspur for Laura


Whenever I leave my building with my little folding chair under my arm, I joke with the doormen that I am off to visit my office.  I often work under the trees in Carl Schurz park where Laura and I used to sit.  The great thing about writing is you can do it anywhere. Carl Schurz park is an old friend, and now it is even more special. In one of the most beautiful patches in  the park (to the right of the entrance steps at East 89th st) Mary Lou, one of the longstanding volunteer gardeners planted a larkspur to commemorate Laura.  We picked it out together on a recent jaunt to the Bronx Botanical gardens.  Mary Lou knows loss, having lost her own dear partner a month before Laura passed. We haven’t seen each other in years and suddenly there she was again in the garden; a kindly soul with green fingers and a big heart.

Larkspur is part of the delphinium family (Latin for ‘dolphin’ which Laura loved being a ‘scuba gal’).  I love the blue-purple flowers. It the color of my soul family when they flit around. .    

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  1. colette says:

    beautiful. thank you, lucy, for sharing this.


  2. Jamie says:

    As always you bring your natural light and research to our world. I was on a ferry to Larkspur in California and saw windsurfers dipping in and out of the waves and it links to your dolphins for me. Sending sweet thoughts to you and Laura and to Mary Lou. Keep your office mobile.


  3. This is a beautiful flower and planting one in memory of Laura is such a loving and honoring act. I am sure Laura is appreciating it with great joy.


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