Golden Rain

penny on ground

It is funny, whenever a well-meaning friend or acquaintance hints that I ought to let Laura’s spirit go – as if I’ve somehow got her ghost by the ankles and am holding her captive in this realm – Laura starts being all mischievous and dancing around in front of me.  When someone said it on Monday, a huge bolt of blue/purple light shot across the top of their head (that’s how I see spirits now).  And afterwards I found pennies everywhere in the street. If you read my post Pennies From Heaven, you’ll know pennies are one of Laura’s bat signs. The pennies always cheer me up.  I never saw them before Laura died.  But Laura always looked for them, picked them up and blessed them saying: ‘And I’ll take a million more!’

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  1. Lrdna says:

    I love how you said “as if I’ve somehow got her ghost by the ankles” I look forward to our Friday adventure.Loredana 🙂

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