James Turrell

One of my all time favorite interviewees was artist James Turrell. I interviewed him for the New York Times Magazine about one of his sky spaces (little enclosures that frame the sky in magical ways). He referred to his work as. ‘a luminous emptiness..a meditation..abstract music.. a celebration of the senses..’ and jokingly added: ‘I sell blue sky and air’.  He is a Quaker with a deeply spiritual take on our world.

‘One of the greatest conceits we have is to feel we are apart from nature.  But we make the color of the sky. We strongly create our own reality, but we are unaware of it.’

‘Standing on a site, I can feel what it was like before and what is to come. It’s not just past lives, but future lives.  We are all becoming more sophisticated in this knowing.’

‘Light knows that we are looking at it.  It exhibits different behavior when we are looking at it and when we are not.  It is not a surprise to astronomers who feel they’re looking at ‘the face of God’ every night.’

james turrell

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  1. mary lou says:

    yes, he is one of my favorites also.


  2. lolamillebolle says:

    the idea of light looking at us – ok, light knows we look at it, is light looking back? – made me smile. a million gazillion fairy lights twinkling out there – reflected in the twinkle of my own eye.


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