A Home for the Soul

sea house

A lot of spiritual teaching demonizes attachment and encourages us to let go and walk a Buddha-like or Christ-like path. It is almost as if we are being instructed to float above the ground detached from our possessions and worldly attachments. But the wonderful Thomas Moore speaks so eloquently of our soul longings.  To him, spirit and soul are not the same thing. Rather soul is the earthly part of us that revels in being embodied, being loved and in love.

‘The soul needs a home. We are all looking for a place where we can say: “I’m in the right part of the world”, or the right town or the right area, or the right house.  This idea of being where you need to be is an ancient idea; that’s why it is so difficult if the soul feels it is in the wrong place.  Another thing is the soul loves to be attached; that’s why we have soul mates.  We are attached to families, pets, objects, and even things we own we become attached to. That’s a sign of a real soulful life that you make that attachment.  But spirit likes to be detached…spirit wants to transcend. In order to find spirit, just follow your intuition.’


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