Laura’s Recovery

soul love forever

Have you noticed? This site has a new name –  Soul Love Forever.

It sums up the essence of what I’ve learned on this journey; that true love never dies and that our infinite souls, our most precious gift, travel with us through all of time and space.  I loved the old name Laura’s Recovery, but it no longer fits.  Laura isn’t recovering, she is her pure perfect spirit self .

Laura is by my side and I am venturing on with my soul journey. I can’t wait to see what happens next.  These last two years have been the most extraordinary adventure of my life. I hope you’ll join me…it is such fun having kindred companions on the path.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. You have your blog family accompanying you on your and Laura’s journey. We anticipate the following updates. xoxo


  2. Joan says:

    I love your new name, it tickles me! Thank you for the great gift of this endeavor of yours, blog- what a word!- doesn’t nearly describe it! Joan


  3. Jamie says:

    Yea! Lucie, thank you for sharing your stories and your evolution with us.


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