Dream Time

Lucie and her teddy bear
Lucie + Teddy

Every morning I wash up on the shore of my pillows in a different state. The night has taken me on a long and often extraordinary adventure, and sometimes I wake feeling exhausted as if I have bobbed all night in a sea of tangle that threatens to drown me; other times I travel to fictional towns with people I love – usually with a mission to save or redeem something. And sometimes, just sometimes, I fly through the night on gilded wings and wake bursting with joy and happiness.

As a small child I frequently dreamed I could fly. But I also had endless nightmares about fires. Even lying in bed awake, when I was very little, I could visualize flames licking the walls. I would wake my parents petrified the house was burning down. Then last year, in one past life regression, I saw the house burn down on top of me, pin me to the stairs and burn me alive. Seeing it released my fear of fire and my lifelong claustrophobia (I couldn’t have swum with the sardines a few weeks ago if it didn’t).

I wonder if this is where I go when I sleep; into the deep recesses of past and future lives?  Sometimes I feel like I am learning lessons, or receiving downloads of information as I sleep. Abraham Hicks says at night all our resistance stops, or should stop. I wish mine did. Sometimes I get completely tangled up in the sheets. I guess I still have a ways to go on this journey to living joyfully 24/7…


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  1. You have an extraordinarily creative mind and spirit, Lucie. And the special gift of writing on top of it. It is such a pleasure to read your posts. Thanks for sharing with your blog family.


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