Little Presents

I was standing in line for the bathroom at Starbucks last Saturday, when the young woman behind me bent over and picked up a dime.  Without thinking I said: ‘It’s your lucky day!  Do you find many coins?’ She beamed back a lovely smile and said: ‘Ever since my mom passed, I find these dimes everywhere.’  Her mother died 3 years ago, and she has been scattering little presents for her only child ever since.  It is a family tradition for this young woman that her departed loved ones leave coins. After her grandfather died she found pennies everywhere. ‘Always pairs.  I knew if I found just one penny, I had to look harder, because there would be another nearby.’

Everywhere I go now I seem to find someone with a beautiful story of spiritual contact.  At a cafe recently I sat next to a woman who told me that just after her mother died, she and her two sisters all separately heard church bells ringing.  They thought the family minister had kindly rung the bells in her memory. But instead it seems the  bells came tinkling out of the ether.

Our departed loved ones have many different ways of getting our attention. The first woman’s mom also pops up in her dreams and places unexpected treats in the kitchen cupboards (cupboards she has had friends verify beforehand are completely empty).  After I talked to her, I found a stash of pennies and then a dime! Laura is obviously upping her game with more presents. Whatever next?  Magic cupboards?…Now that might be fun..



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  1. ml says:

    I am finding that spark of spiritual contact in all sorts of places new to me or unrealized by me. Happy New Year, Lucie. It was a lovely ‘almost’ full moon this evening. My Bob passed away two years ago tomorrow and the lighthouse on the East River is now alight. He abhorred the absence of that beacon: it did not fit with the way the river should be. So very nice to have that light now. Makes me feel him.


    1. Lucie Young says:

      So so pleased to hear this and what a beautiful sign – the lamp being lit. Happy new year to you too. Sending love and hoping we can catch up soon xx


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