Soul Mate

twin flame

I just heard Abraham Hicks (a bunch of spiritual entities channeled by Esther Hicks) describe a soul mate like this –

‘A twin flame or a soul mate means you’ve met someone from the same non-physical lineage [the same spirit family]…  with the same vibrational intentions..People often describe it as a ‘coming home’ when they meet someone of the same non-physical essence as themselves. When you meet someone who makes your heart sing you can say, ‘This may well be my non-physical vibrational equivalent.’

‘When you come forth [into the physical realm i.e. earth] you come in clusters with those you’ve been interacting with in the non-physical realm.’

‘If you are up to speed with your source [who you really are] and they [your soul mate] are up to speed with their source at that time you meet, then there is a powerful connection.’

‘The best of soul mates say ‘Let’s go forth and have a meaningful existence’, which usually doesn’t mean let’s be identical and agree with everything. It means let’s be catalysts and launch lots of rockets of desire..and let’s experience the deliciousness of coming into alignment and live happily ever after.’

‘People make such a big thing about this, but really everyone who is walking the planet today is your soul mate in one way or another.’

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  1. Luciane says:

    I do love their teachings, they really speak to me. I guess is about being who we really are and letting others be themselves. By the way, this picture is so cute and sweet. 🙂 xxx


  2. Thanks for sharing these insightful quotes. xo


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