My dear dad is 89, sharp as a tack and my mum says he has a head like a rock from his early years playing soccer (lots of time spent heading the ball).  This turns out to be a vital asset in later years. Last week he fell down the steps outside a little seaside cottage in Suffolk.  He smashed his head on the pavement and bled so profusely that he was rushed to hospital and kept in overnight. My mum sat vigil beside him fearing the worst.  He had a mini internal bleed, which resulted in a purply-black mark that looks like a black eye.  But a day later he drove the 100 miles or so home. And today he spotted that my sis’ had booked a rental car with a company that got dismal online ratings.  ‘So there is nothing wrong with your brain then dad,’ I joked when he called up for my opinion.

I have a pet theory about why dad is so fit and alert at nearly 90.  My mum would say it is years of her healthy home cooking.  My theory is that it is also years of doing little things he enjoys everyday.  He really does live the Abraham Hicks way.  Each morning he does a little shopping (so he can socialize and get a free coffee from the store). He spends another couple of hours out in the garden, digging, planting and puttering around in his shed (which my sis and I refer to as his ‘man cave’). And he and my mum go on daily walks to their favorite spots and take tea every afternoon at 4.30pm.

Vacations are a big part of his life (and I seem to have inherited that gene). Even when we were very little and it was rare for families to travel abroad, mum and dad were always taking us out of school for a few weeks vacation in Portugal, Spain, Italy or  France, whereas our school friends went dragging around rainy Britain in caravans or rented damp cottages on the English coast.  And while dad eats healthily (thanks to mum), he isn’t a health fiend.  If he has a cold, he uses his favorite Scotch remedy, ‘a little whisky to kill the bacteria’. Oh and apparently Lindt’s 85% dark chocolate has very curative powers too.



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  1. sachakidder says:


    Your posts always strike me to the core. You know, your father does everything connected with the Blue Zone Diet group. Connected to the earth, living in the moment, a tad of chocolate, family, community, curiosity, everything.

    You’ve got great genes!!

    Thank you as always for the posts.



    1. Lucie Young says:

      Hi Karen

      So great to hear from you. I will have to check out the Blue Zone Diet. Sounds like my kind of group!

      Best, Lucie


  2. MLou says:



  3. Dear Lucie,
    what a wonderful testimony about your parents!
    Your parents must be spiritually highly evolved human beings – just like you.
    Few people at such a high age savour life the way your parents do, and live happily.
    Could it be that your parents have learned from your amazing journey with Laura about the spiritual laws? Do they have the same spiritual insights you have in order to enjoy longevity? These questions just popped up in my mind when I read this beautiful post, as so many elderly people complain about their aches and pains, or get bitter and turn negative about the world, or get depressed that they can’t do the things they used to do. If my questions are too personal and you don’t feel like responding to it, that’s fine too.
    Your avid blog reading friend and fan, Angelika


    1. Lucie Young says:

      Dear Angelika I feel blessed to have two such kind and loving parents. But sometimes as a child I thought I had been born into the wrong family and my real parents would show up one day and collect me… I don’t know that there is a right way to live, just a way that keeps you happy and sustains your individual joy. My parents aren’t always joyful, neither am I. I think we are all creatures of contrast. We are also unique with our ups and downs, our gifts and our deficits. For me, the dark helps point out the path to the light. So I try to embrace the wisdom of both (not always with success!). Am sending you love. Your path is uniquely yours and uniquely beautiful like you. With great warmth, Lucie


  4. Glad to read your dad is recovering from his fall. Take care Luce. xxx


  5. Jamie says:

    I am always happy to hear you relay your stories, your truths. Enjoying life is our job–vibrating at our best self as often as we can. I am glad to hear your dad is enjoying himself and recuperating just fine. xo


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