The Guru Within


The guru that you’ve been looking for is within.  Everything that you need is here inside.  All the answers and all the guidance.  You just have to listen. Still the mind and listen, and feel your own truth.

I’ve spent much of my life looking for someone to guide me, to give me clues and answers about the way forward.  But what I’ve discovered, especially the last couple of years, is that we all have a guru within and the power to solve our own problems. I scribbled the first lines while sitting beside Uluru, the beautiful red rock in the center of Australia, last December.  And I was reminded of this again today speaking to one of my family members Tamsin Hartley, who  has just written a book called The Listening Space (published this Spring).

The book teaches a simple way to channel your own inner knowing and solve your own problems.  You do the process in partnership.  One of you describes your feelings around an area of stuckness or stickiness using whatever imagery feels appropriate (there are a couple of set questions to help you) and the other listens without comment, but reflects back to you the precise emotional and metaphorical words you use.  Today I was trying out Tamsin’s technique (with her help) and  describing how sometimes I can feel very heavy and unable to move forward. It’s almost like I’ve put stones in my pocket and weighed myself down.  It tends to be when I am doing things I think I should do, or that I hope will give me security.  But those choices just feel heavy.  Whereas when I center myself and open my connection to the divine, I feel free and joyful and can gallop forward even when I don’t know exactly what the destination is. This kind of movement forward feels thrilling and sometimes slightly terrifying.  But I also feel lighter and inspired.  As I was talking to Tamsin and feeling my way to this conclusion, my body responded too.  It wasn’t just words.  I went from feeling heavy to light, uplifted and inspired.

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  1. Joan says:

    Way to go Lucie! Great entry! I’m going to try it! Xo Joan


  2. I can totally relate to the feelings you described in your post.


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