Subway Karma

I am starting to believe that every little thought and action, no matter how small, has an echo, a response from the universe.  Every little act of generosity, every little act of grumpiness or negativity pings back at us almost immediately.  I suspect once you start to look for it, you’ll start noticing too.  My favorite playground for this theory is the New York subway. If I set off at a clip, pushing my way through the rush hour, everyone seems to push back or tread on me and all the trains have just left as I arrive at the station.  But if I do the illogical thing and relax and move gently through the mele, if I keep an open heart and look on my fellow passengers as all-one-with-me, then everything goes smoothly and the trains arrive as if by magic instantaneously and I arrive on time.

At the weekend I bought a subway ticket for a man who was struggling with a ticket machine and a few moments later when I boarded an over crowded train a sweet old man offered me his seat (I was drooping with heavy bags). Karmic payback?  Maybe?  I’ve actually started laughing when I screw things up. At the weekend, exiting the Q train at the new 84th St stop, I noticed all the great Chuck Close paintings. But instead of simply appreciating them, I  remarked grumpily to myself that the new 96th St stop (my usual station), just has some dull blue and white artwork.  I concluded it was because the MTA thinks the Harlem stop isn’t worth the extra expense of a Chuck Close. No sooner had I entertained this thought than I got jammed in the turnstile on the way out.  Literally jammed.  One bag in front, one bag behind. I couldn’t move until I started laughing at myself.  I was just jamming up my vibe with negativity.  And heck…just because I prefer Chuck Close, doesn’t mean the blue and white stuff isn’t delightful to someone else.

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  1. Mary says:

    I like that you have learned to be amused when you screw up. I need to work on that part! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucie Young says:

      It is a work on progress for me too 😊


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