Reaching for the Stars

What message would you send up into space to contact life forms on another planet? Welcome?.. What’s up?…We come in peace?  A bunch of US scientists has spent 40 years trying various approaches. All to no avail. (according to the New York Times article Greetings ET (Please Don’t Murder Us). So far the scientists have sent up a lot of mathematical equations and numbers that spelled out words to teach the aliens how to speak English. One complicated equation spelled out Hi. It all sounded so daft, so left brain. Language is so problematic, even on our own planet where there are 6,909 languages (yes, you read that right..).

These scientists obviously need help. And they say they are looking for ideas from ordinary people. So I’ve been toying with a few. My first thought is that all beings on our planet – humans, animals, plants even snowflakes are exquisitely tuned to the vibration of love. We’ve all seen the Masaru Emoto experiments where he writes loving words on water bottles and the vibration of love shapes the water crystals inside into beautiful patterns (and by contrast hateful vibrations create distorted broken shapes). But what could carry the vibration of love out into space?

And then I found it. The giant OM at the Rubin Museum’s The World is Sound exhibit. It consists of 10,000 ordinary people chanting Om (recorded over three months in New York). According to the accompanying text, Om is ‘the embodiment of the all-pervading essence of existence’. Perfect, right? But honestly it doesn’t matter what it means, or even if you are a Buddhist (I am not). This Giant Om is just the most mellifluous, heart opening, calming, joyful sound. It seems to radiate right into your core and communicate wordlessly with your soul. I bathed in it for about 30 minutes. And then asked if I could buy a recording to take home.

I told my friend Loredana about my genius idea – thinking she would be impressed by the Giant Om. ‘Don’t be silly,’ she replied. ‘We don’t need to send anything. These other life forms already communicate telepathically, like our souls do.’ I know Loredana is right. As a little girl I felt intuitively that telepathy was my birthright. As a result, I was super frustrated all the time that I couldn’t hear everyone elses thoughts. And I felt trapped in my body and cut off from everyone else by this new physical form. My soul knew I should be able to instantly hear and communicate with others without words. (I also thought I should be able to fly too, but that’s another story). As an adult, I’ve not been channeling ET or reaching out to aliens. But I can talk telepathically to my deceased wife Laura and sometimes my grandmother and other spirits too. And here’s something else – maybe the aliens aren’t aliens at all? Maybe they are us – other souls – just in other forms.

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  1. Lrdna says:

    You write so beautifully! 😊

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    1. Lucie Young says:

      and you always have the best insights!


  2. Jamie says:

    You keep us noticing and wondering!

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