The Art of Dying Conference Discount

The Open Center just gave me – and my readers (i.e. YOU!) – a terrific discount for the Art of Dying Conference in New York (Oct 13-16). Instead of paying $545 for the 3-day conference, the cost is just $200. You can attend in person or stream it online.

If you are interested in what happens spiritually when a loved one dies, how to navigate end of life care or be with the dying and the grieving, or paranormal experiences around death, you must check out this upcoming Art of Dying Conference at the Open Center.  I was so entranced by all I heard at the last one, I wrote 7 blog posts (check them out by putting Art of Dying into the search box in the main menu page).

One of the highlights last time was Dr Peter Fenwick who invited audience members to recount what happened the night their loved ones passed. What followed was an extraordinary two hours of tales of beautiful spiritual encounters; divine lights, unexpected sounds, apparations, messages and the comforting appearance of animals, butterflies and birds. Dr Fenwick will be back again with 3 separate workshops this year.  But I am also keen to hear Dr Kenneth Doka on ‘Paranormal Experiences at the End of Life and After Death’ and Olivia Bareham on’Death Midwifery’ and how to create a beautiful home funeral to honor your loved one.  It’s hard to choose – there are 35 events, talks and workshops given by doctors, hospice workers, spiritual guides, death doulas, professors and therapists.

I’ve attached this year’s conference brochure below. And to get your discount, call the Open Center on 212 219 2527 x 2  and give them the code: AODDISC. Remember the amount you pay for the 3 days is $200  (a saving of $345).

Art of Dying 6 Brochure

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I would be highly interested, but unfortunately traveling is not easy for me anymore. Is the online stream for the same price? How nice to would be, though, to travel to NYC again.
    -Angelika xo


    1. Lucie Young says:

      Hi Angelika I think it is the same price, but why not call them and ask. It is a terrific deal considering how much is on offer. Will be great to hear what you think. Lucie


  2. Hi Lucie: Wondering if you attended the conference? Unfortunately, I missed it online. I would be interested to hear how it was. Angelika


    1. Lucie Young says:

      Hi Angelika – yes the conference was amazing as ever. lots of posts on it about to appear. so hopefully you can have a taste of it. Hope all’s well with you. Lx


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