Thinking of You

What if thinking about someone lovingly is enough to reach out and touch their heart? No matter the distance between you, what if your thoughts are like tendrils that can strengthen the bond between you?

And what if the reverse is also true?  What if by thinking negative, angry or  judgemental thoughts, we reach out and push someone away?

Sound fanciful?

I’ve come to believe our thoughts broadcast signals that reach way beyond our bodies.  Not just across the dinner table, but also across cities and oceans. Here’s what happened recently. I was feeling a bit estranged from someone dear.  Months passed and we failed to meet up.  I don’t know why our connection slipped. But it did.  I know they’ve been going through a tough time. I tried to send love. And then I tried to reach out and help (with unsolicited suggestions).  And then I  found myself judging how they were handling things.  Thinking ‘if only’s’ –  ‘if only they would. .’ if only they did this.. maybe that would be better.  I settled into dwelling on the negative things around them.

And then last weekend, I began to wonder if my negative thoughts and judgements were creating a block between us.  I was cleaning up my apartment, and I thought, why not clean up my thoughts too?  So I began remembering  all the great things this person brought into my life; the extraordinary acts of heroism, the little everyday kindnesses and our madcap adventures together. At the end of 20 minutes, the floor was shined up and so was my heart.  I told myself that regardless of whether I see them again, I will always be grateful for our shared time.

And then, an hour later,  I got a text.

‘I miss you…when can we get together?’




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