Abundance of Spirit

I love dragonflies. I love the shimmer of their iridescent wings and how they can zoom in any direction (including sideways and backwards) helicopter-style.  But last weekend, I had 11 land on me (I’ve never had one land on me before). It all happened in less than 15 minutes, as I sat on my friend Lisa’s little jetty in Croton eating breakfast and meditating. One dragonfly perched for so long, I got out my iPhone and took half a dozen (blurry) photos.

Are these dragonflies soul messengers from mum? It certainly feels that way. And I get the impression mum really wants me to know when her spirit is nearby. She doesn’t just send me one beautiful thing, but huge volleys of amazing things. 18 photographs I didn’t take (see the post ‘Signs and Talking to the Departed‘). And two weeks ago, my lovely jasmine plant did something I’ve never seen it do before. It often blooms for a couple of days, then quickly drops its heavilly scented flowers before taking a nap for a couple of weeks. But this time, I walked in my front door and the whole apartment was suffused with heady Jasmine perfume and the plant was covered in white blossom. The next day the same. And the next. And the next. For ten days in a row, it bloomed with extraordinary abundance. I nuzzled the blossoms and thanked the plant for it’s miraculous show.

Oh and there have been pennies and hearts everywhere too.  A yellow heart-shaped yolk in the ‘lid’ of my breakfast egg, hearts on the counter tops and strewn under my feet. And one day, vacuuming Laura’s old couch, out popped a huge red heart, which Laura must have lost there. I am not sure which manifestations are mum’s or Laura’s. Maybe they are having a playful contest?

Am I imagining these things? Making connections that aren’t there?  Abraham Hicks says not: ‘Everything that manifests around you is spiritually based…everything you see is an extension of non-physical energy.’ It certainly feels that way.

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