Coffee enema

The coffee enema is another Gerson Therapy staple.  Five a day for cancer patients. Each time you have to suck up 1 quart of organic coffee (no Folgers!) up your butt and hold it for 15 minutes. The coffee cleanses the liver and out whooshes all the toxins, parasites and other junk that has been overloading your immune system.  Laura being a former coffee addict, up went the coffee and 15 minutes later …nothing. Second time, same thing.  Laura has decided her butt is like an alcoholic at a wine tasting. It keeps guzzling all the enema coffee and not spitting it out.

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  1. bridget says:

    seriously confused here. how on earth do you get 1 quart of coffee up there, not to mention while meditating.


  2. no meditating required, unless you mean ignoring any thoughts of rushing to the loo.


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