Flare ups are supposed to be a good thing, but can be quite violent. 5 minutes after lunch, Laura is projectile vomiting (thank God, some went into the bowl), staggering about like a drunk with a hangover and blasting out dragon’s breath of the kind that can kind singe your eyebrows off at 10 paces. Poor lamb.

Flare-Ups are Gerson-ese for detox reactions, when the body starts kicking out the chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and any other gunk stored inside.  On the way out, these nasties can make you feel pretty crap. Laura has had a couple of flare ups during the past few weeks even though she isn’t on the full Gerson protocol yet. In the run up to visiting the Gerson clinic she was told to do 3 juices and 1 enema a day.

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