Hard Times


Up at 6am.  Fetch gruel. Days here at the Gerson Clinic are positively Dickensian. Maybe we should’ve gone to the Hippocrates Institute with its 50 acres of woodlands, 3 pools, luxury suites, movie nights, disco night, spa, zen meditation cabins, yoga and pilates classes and other new age comforts. The Gerson is so Germanic.  There’s something to do every 15 minutes.  Everyone walks around worriedly looking at their schedule.  Even ‘Rest!, rest!, rest!’  is barked out like an order.

But we are here to heal Laura. The Gerson institute specialize in reversing melanoma.  ‘The fastest growing cancers are often the quickest to reverse,’ Charlotte Gerson says. And we are counting on her being right.

FYI  – Laura’s on an all-you-can-eat oat gruel diet to help her stomach cope with all the toxins being released by her body.

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  1. Paul Pilch says:

    Keep posting guys. Must know everything what’s going on.
    One day at the time Laura
    Sending Love


  2. hi pilcheepie! i haven’t been looking at my emails but am looking at the blog. thanks so much for caring pawel
    ! xoxoxo laura


    1. Paul Pilch says:

      Good to hear you are doing ok guys! I don’t know if you are able to receive any text messages Laura. I’ll keep sending them now and then anyway….
      Love and Understanding.


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