The Gerson Clinic – we’re here!!!

Today we arrived at the Gerson clinic in Tijuana.

It’s a small sleepy clinic (more like a hacienda) 2 blocks from the ocean. You would be in for a surprise if you were expecting the Canyon Ranch or the Hippocrates Institute. One big downer is that we have two skinny beds forcing us to sleep apart. Note for Charlotte Gerson: snuggling ought to be a bigger part of the Gerson therapy!

Here’s laura by the pool.


Rest! Rest! Rest! That’s the Gerson mantra. Although they tell you that in the same breath as handing you a non-stop to do list.

Laura’s already started on her healing regime. Dr Cervantes (who apparently does a mean Elvis impersonation) is starting her off slowly on 8 juices and 3 enemas a day. He doesn’t want her to detox too quickly. She is also supposed to take 67 supplements a day and a lot of what Laura calls ‘fartaceous food’.  Her tumors are likely to grow and expel more fluid before they disappear. Edema is the body’s way of healing, says Dr Cervantes.

Oddly people keep assuming I’m the cancer patient and asking how long I’ve had cancer or what kind of cancer I’ve got. Laura says its because I’m so skinny. On the Gerson diet I may vanish altogether…



4 thoughts on “The Gerson Clinic – we’re here!!!

  1. Laura, You reading Gone Girl?? Let me know what you think. Cra cra fo sure!! So glad you are where you need to be. Love reading the blog. Thank you Lucie! Katy


  2. you gorgeous girls! gone girls fab if a little wierd, how’s this one? keep writing lucie, it’s so good to hear from you.


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