Hungry for Animal Protein

Laura- Why can’t vegetables smell as good as meat? Lucie came home with an organic burger tonight and I am getting high off the smell.  If you know me, that I like to eat comes as no surprise. I fancied myself a gourmet diner and could have been a food critic. There’s nothing more pleasurable than a great meal!  What comes to mind these days is binging on meat or seafood. I won’t. But I really want to. Dr. Cervantes at the Gerson clinic told me that if I want to die I should go on eating meat and sugar. He thinks they cause cancer and all our other health problems. I was eating a lot of animal protein before this diet,  but it was from farm raised and pasture fed animals. Obviously that wasn’t good enough since I got the cancer. Today I’m wondering if it will be OK to have meat or fish once a week in the future. Right now I won’t touch it because it feeds the melanoma. I’m grieving though…

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