Tumors Disintegrating

Laura – This is going to sound disgusting but the whole purpose of the Gerson protocol is to get rid of the cancer and I just had a sign that it’s working.  In my underwear I found a blob of flesh. Now never in my 58 years have I had this experience and I’m going to say that it’s part of a tumor that came out and the tumors are dying.  It was flesh colored, malleable and just bigger than a chickpea. This gave me such a wonderful feeling. I was high all night! This just in two months of starting the Gerson therapy. Honestly, I needed this sign because I’m just going on blind faith that this path is working. Now there’s evidence…

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  1. Kerry says:

    This is wonderful wonderful news! The hard work is paying off! Very happy to read this.


  2. whitneyclapp says:

    Yay! That’s AWESOME! Thank you for sharing =)


  3. Jamie says:

    I am glad all the work is working the tumors out!


  4. Katy Keck says:

    I am filing this post under greatest grossest news ever. So thrilled for you!!!


  5. June Winger says:

    Hello ladies, just popping in to say “Hello” and say how glad I am to hear of the chickpea you gave birth to Laura. I’ve been following you all along and think of y’all daily. June (from Mexico)


    1. Hi June, Nice to hear from you! Yes it feels like a mini miracle and proves the Gerson Protocol is working.


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