Tumors Disintegrating

Laura – This is going to sound disgusting but the whole purpose of the Gerson protocol is to get rid of the cancer and I just had a sign that it’s working.  In my underwear I found a blob of flesh. Now never in my 58 years have I had this experience and I’m going to say that it’s part of a tumor that came out and the tumors are dying.  It was flesh colored, malleable and just bigger than a chickpea. This gave me such a wonderful feeling. I was high all night! This just in two months of starting the Gerson therapy. Honestly, I needed this sign because I’m just going on blind faith that this path is working. Now there’s evidence…


6 thoughts on “Tumors Disintegrating

  1. Hello ladies, just popping in to say “Hello” and say how glad I am to hear of the chickpea you gave birth to Laura. I’ve been following you all along and think of y’all daily. June (from Mexico)


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