Weekend Warrior Schedule

We’re trialing a new version of the Weekend Warrior schedule for our kind-hearted volunteers. We’ve pruned the schedule way back so it’s now 3.5 hour shifts (instead of the mammoth 5 hour shifts of yore) and we’re asking for just one Weekend Warrior for each shift (instead of two people each morning and one person each afternoon).  The idea is to make it easier for everyone.  Sometimes having 3, 4 or 5 people helping out 10 hours a day on weekends was too much for Laura.  It was a bit like throwing two day-long back-to-back parties. And it was really hard on the Weekend Warriors juggling so many tasks simultaneously for so long. So we’ve chopped out the 3.5 hour soup making (we’re having our weekday angel Brenda make a giant vat of the Hippocrates soup on Friday to last all weekend).  And we’ve cut a juice from each shift.  So now it should all work more smoothly, without it feeling like the chocolate factory episode in ‘I love Lucy’.  At least that’s the plan…

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