Anxiety and Biking

Laura -Recently  I’ve been suffering from lots of anxiety about how different my life has become. I’m no longer working, living in a different place, afraid I’ll lose my business, worried about having enough money to get through 2 years of this treatment and how I’ll support myself in the future.  I’ve also got in touch with my feelings about being told my cancer is “terminal”. The pain and anxiety of it all is excruciating and a lot of the time I feel like jumping out of my skin. The first few months after I was diagnosed with cancer, I was in shock and couldn’t really believe that I was a “terminal” case. I still don’t believe it.  Doing the Gerson Therapy gives me great hope that the cancer is dying, not me. It probably didn’t help that a couple of weeks ago I went off most of my anti-depressant/anxiety medications of 20 years, because the chemicals just poison my body and would probably slow down my recovery. I can only put healthy things in my body right now if I want to get well.

Yesterday the anxiety was so intense that I went with Lucie on a bike ride through Central Park. It really helped. Probably the Gerson doctors would say this is too much exercise, but I couldn’t stand my feelings anymore. We sat in the sun looking at a duck pond. I fed bread to some ducks. Whenever I can be in nature it calms me down. I was much better in my head for the rest of the day.

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  1. Jake aka Heather says:

    There are many things that heal, spending time with people we love, the lushness of nature, and being physical. I send your a big hug Laura!


  2. bridget says:

    bloody hell. choose your photos wisely ladies!! my laura doesn’t look like that. anxiety sounds excruciating. glad you found a little release.


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