Alternative Healing for Depression

We believe the universe is looking after us, steering us away from what no longer works and towards what we need now. That probably sounds like madness, but we’ve had so many fortuitous coincidences it feels like a hand wiser than ours is guiding us.

One of the biggest challenges for Laura’s healing is to come off her anti-depressants (Dr Cervantes at the Gerson clinic believes these drugs impair her immune system, over-tax her liver and may even have precipitated her cancer). So Laura’s New York psychiatrist had her stop taking her anti-depressants (120mg Cymbalta and 40 mg Citalopram) virtually cold turkey after we returned from Mexico with disastrous results. Her anxiety was unbearable.  When that failed, the psychiatrist washed his hands of her saying he knew the dose she needed and nothing else would work!  Wow.  But oddly it was the best news.  His stepping aside made room for change and new ideas.

At first we were stumped. Years ago Laura tried herbs and meditation for her depression without much success.  But one morning while meditating I came up with three words to put into Google that led us to the Fisher Wallace cranial stimulator that boosts dopamine, serotonin and GABA and heals insomnia, anxiety and depression using a very tiny electrical current.  Laura’s been using this electrical stimulator for 2 weeks now and is sleeping through the night (she was struggling with insomnia), and is less anxious, calmer and happier.  Around the same time my friend energy healer and yoga teacher Susanne Chakan recommended  John Carroll a healer who specializes in visualizations that can reverse diseases (he has already cured someone with Laura’s rare mucosal melanoma and helped patients overcome depression). Laura’s energy has been transformed since seeing him and her enemas are suddenly a lot more effective again and strange tissuey clots are coming out too.

By extraordinary coincidence John’s cousin is Dr Richard Brown, a  psychiatry professor at Columbia University and the person who has done the longest studies on the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.  Dr Brown is now helping Laura come off her anti-depressants gently and transitioning her onto more natural remedies.  He says she is having an excellent response to the stimulator.  She uses it 3 times a day (in the morning and afternoon at level 3 for 20 minutes, and at night at level 2 for 40 minutes).  He says it might work for me too (I haven’t been sleeping well since Laura was diagnosed with cancer), but I doubt I can get my hands on the machine, Laura often falls asleep with it on.

Here’s a link to the Fisher Wallace Stimulator

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  1. Jake aka Heather says:

    Things do have a way of falling into place when we are open to seeing life as having unlimited options for us. We just have to figure out which roads to take. Good luck with it all! I hope to see you both in November.


  2. Jamie says:

    The universe is making some amazing connections. I am glad it’s bringing relief to depression and sleep. xoxo


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