Gerson Therapy Support Group

Laura – Today I joined the Gerson Therapy Support group’s Facebook page and I have been posting there ever since. I’m feeling less alone knowing there are other people I can connect with who are recovering from cancer using the same therapy as I am. People share advice and experiences and offer support.  I was complaining today about my intestines aching from all the enemas and two people in the group told me to try probiotics because it solved the same problem for them.

Here is the link if you want to join  —  Gerson Therapy Support Group

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  1. whitneyclapp says:

    Laura, I’m in that FB group too! I’ll see you there.


  2. Fatima Batista says:

    Hi there,
    I have a friend in Minnisota that have liver cancer and she has no money to go to Gerson clinic in Tijuana. Is there any support group to help her out, or even a way to get a financial aid to help with the expenses?
    She is ready to do Gerson therapy however she can’t do by herself. She has 3 little kids, 4,6 and 7 years old and no money.


    1. Hi Fatima, the Gerson Institute in San Diego has a great class Oct 15-17 called Gerson Basics. If you can, it would be good to go or otherwise to purchase the Gerson Basics bundle for $149.95 of books and DVDs of these seminars. There is also a Facebook support group called the Gerson Therapy Support Group (it is a closed group which means you have to apply to join). My recommendation would be not to go to the Gerson clinic in Tijuana (we didn’t like the doctor there) but to do the therapy at home with the help of Dr Gerson’s original book ‘A cancer therapy, results of 50 cases’ and Charlotte Gerson’s most recent book on the Gerson Therapy) and get help from this wonderful Facebook support group. Many people with kids, like your friend, have done the therapy at home (often with the help of partners and friends or church groups). The clinic is just for the initial 3 weeks. Afterwards you are doing the juice/enema/diet therapy at home for 18 months to 2 years. All good wishes to you and for your friend’s speedy recovery, Lucie


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