When will there be good news?

Laura – Lucie picked up the full report of my PET/CT scan on Monday and we found the tumors spread much worse than we thought. The doctor didn’t tell us on the phone how bad it was. The cancer spread to most of my organs and my bones. Mucosal melanoma is the most aggressive cancer and we just couldn’t get ahead of the disease with the Gerson technique.  I don’t regret doing it.  We truly believed it would work, but the disease was moving faster than the healing.

The last two weeks I’ve been so weak. I haven’t had the strength to go outside and walk a block. And I am in a lot of pain now and have had to start taking narcotics so I can sleep and sometimes during the day. Something happens to me at night now where I just fade in to the ether. I’m not myself anymore.

What I need now is a miracle if I am to get well. Yes a miracle can happen but will it? There is John of God who cured Wayne Dwyer over the phone of his leukemia. I’m also working with John of Woodstock who sends energy and healing over the phone. Does anyone know of any other miracle workers?


9 thoughts on “When will there be good news?

  1. I really wish I new a great healer, but since I don’t, instead I send you my love old friend. I hope you have a healing sleep tonight.


  2. We so wish we did, Laura. Our love, hugs, and kisses…and Murray’s licks…are with you. Thinking of you. Lovingly, Barbara and Paul.


  3. I love you Laura.
    Thank you for letting me stay close to you at the hospital last Tuesday.
    Your strength and warmth is always an inspiration to me.
    Try to be strong.
    Thinking about you always.


  4. Laura!! This is your neighbor Roberto!! He of the Gay Street mafia. I think about you every day – when I walk down past your apartment in the morning, and when I walk back up again in the evening. I have so much love for you! I am sure you agree that our neighbor relationship should have won some sort of prize. Sending you a wave of hugs, Roberto


  5. Laura and Lucie-
    John of God is the real deal. My rolfer went to Brazil to see him a few years ago and witnessed some profound healing.I hope you are doing the thing on the 11th. I am with you Deeber,and I love you.You have enriched my life by our dive experiences that few people ever get to have.
    We will do another one. Sending strength and prayers.


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