Having Hope

Laura – We are planning all these things that say I’m dying such as having the Visiting Nurse Services provide palliative care in our home and trying to decide whether to get married or not. I want to be linked to Lucie for eternity. We love each other so much.  But I’m very sad and depressed that I feel like I’m dying. I sit on the couch and stare out the window all day wishing I had the energy to go outside. Today there was a beautiful snow storm. I would love it if Lucie and I could go tobogganing as we did in the past. But instead, I just watched from the 28th floor as the birds swoop around on the air currents outside. On sunday we sent John of God of Brazil a photo of me dressed in white clothing which is what they request. We also sent a description of my ailments and asked for a remote healing. Now we are praying and waiting for a miracle.

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  1. Jake aka Heather says:

    Hi Laura, What you are going through sounds so difficult and confusing. Your body is doing one thing and your mind and spirit are saying something else. I am holding you in the light, beautiful white light shining all around you. I’m sure your photo was beautiful. I will be in touch.
    Love to you.


  2. Kathleen Blake says:

    Laura, I know I sound like a broken record, but I wanted to tell you that I belong to many alternative healing groups and have heard such wonderful things about Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and was wondering if you had contacted him since he is so close to you? He has had good success with melanoma patients and I feel I have to remind you of him just incase by some chance he has been forgotten. Keeping you in my prayers for your total healing. Much love!


    1. Kathleen not sure if my reply went to you so if this is a repeat I’m sorry. The cancer moved so fast. I am so not well now. We contacted the office and they do juices and enemas with 200 pills. This could be too much for me at this point. The office was cold and rude and when we asked if we could talk to some melanoma patients they helped they said no. Gerson let me talk to 6 patients before I started there treatment. Do you know any people I could talk to who went to Gonzalez and got help? Love!


      1. Kathleen Blake says:

        Laura, remember in the FB Gerson Support Group Betina’s mother was doing Gerson for melanoma and was doing well but not totally healed, so then she went to Gonzalez and is now doing really well. She told us that Dr. Gonzalez added meat to her mothers diet and I remember reading on his website that he prescribes meat along with juices, coffee enemas, pancreatic enzymes, etc. for melanoma patients. I remember you talking to Betina on the FB page, did you ever get to talk to her on the phone? I know she is happy to talk to you and perhaps you could talk to her mother too. I know you are low on energy so let me know if you would like me to see if I can have her contact you. I am sorry to hear his office was rude and cold; I have never had personal experience with them, but have heard of terminally ill patients having total recoveries. xo


  3. Maggie says:

    Hi Laura, we didn’t get a chance to meet, I am Jake’s partner, Maggie. I had a thought that I wanted to share with you. What if you used all your ways of contacting people; email, blog, fb, etc, and you asked everyone you know and all the people they know to simply visualize you healthy, happy, active at a specified time . For example, at 5pm est on Dec. 12 everyone you know “see” you laughing and dancing with Lucie at a disco completely disease free. All of us sending one concentrated blast of healing power at you at the same time might be the thing to help reverse what’s happening in you. At the very least, it wouldn’t hurt. There is an experiment with computers that generate random numbers day after day after day, but on days of big events; tsunami, earthquake, 9-11, they stopped randomizing and started producing ordered numerical sequences, due to so many people praying at the same time. Miracles happen everyday, we only call it a miracle until science gives it another name. Don’t give up hope. Marry Lucie. Love wins.


  4. Carol Nolan says:

    Laura, I’ve been on the phone w/a very dear friend of mine who has told me stories about people/friends that were given weeks to live and they are still alive today. Can you get into one of the big Cancer hospitals….Mt. Snai or M.D. Anderson in Texas. One of them had 4th stage lung cancer and is alive and cancer free today. Have you thought of trying it now? Your thoughts??? I love you girl, Carol


  5. Kathleen, The cancer moved so fast. I am so not well now. We contacted the office and they do juices and enemas with 200 pills. This could be too much for me at this point. The office was cold and rude and when we asked if we could talk to some melanoma patients they helped they said no. Gerson let me talk to 6 patients before I started there treatment. Do you know any people I could talk to who went to Gonzalez and got help? Love!


  6. Hey Laura, just checking in to say hi. I too am holding you in the white light and praying for a miracle for you, that you might be shown the way for you. Take care of yourself 💛✨💛


  7. Sandy Alpert says:

    Dear Laura, I’ve been following your blog. I’m so very sorry to read this latest one. I’m SO convinced you and Lucie have been together in many past lives and will be together again. What if Heaven Years are the same as Dog Years? 1 Heaven Year = 1 Dog Year = 7 Earth Years. Maybe that’s why we ‘recognize’ each other from past lives; not so many Heaven Years have past since we last saw each other and our souls have aged only slightly. I will keep holding you in my thoughts and prayers, and surround you with White Light on your journey. Sandy


    1. Sandy thanks so much! Laura


  8. John says:

    Dear Laura,
    This is John of Denver of Colorado. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do miracles. But if God only gave me one to use anyway I wanted to, I would gladly give it to you. It would come in the form of a shinny new bike that would take you anywhere you wanted to go. And you wouldn’t fall off into anyone’s garden.
    Speaking of which: can you toboggan better then you can ride a bike? I couldn’t help but LOLwhen you mentioned you and Lucie had gone tobogganing. I can only imagine the scene as the two of you try to negotiate a toboggan down a slope full of other sledders. Did anyone have to call the police? What was the casualty count? Are there any pictures? If God grated me a second miracle it would be to get you out to Colorado and put you on a real toboggan run on a real mountain.
    If by the grace of God I am granted a miracle or two, you will be the first to know because they will be coming your way. So Laura, don’t give up before the miracle happens.
    John of Denver of Colorado


  9. Hi John of Denver of Colorado. Lucie here. Yes, Laura’s just as hilariously accident prone tobogganing. On her first attempt flying down on an inflatable toboggan, she cut the legs out from underneath some poor unsuspecting woman chatting on her cellphone and a few minutes later went crashing into a fence (fortunately covered in hay bales). But after dinner, laura said she wanted to go back out again and so we tobogganed by moonlight. only a few dogs and broken sleds to contend with in the dark. looking forward to those miracles…then we will be headed your way. Lucie of Leicester, London and the last building on York Avenue xxx


  10. alena, todd, ned, gracie says:

    laura, we love you.


  11. Andrea says:

    My dearest Laura. The pictures of you and Lucie are beautiful. So full of life and love. I’m so very sad we haven’t met yet but I feel I know you through our conversations on the phone and through Lucie’s stories and the many photos. We love you and are thinking of you every day, hoping somehow you find that miracle. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. All our love, Andrea, Ave, Saskia and Isabelxxx


  12. Melodie Bryant says:

    Dearest Lolo,
    I echo what Sandy said: clearly you and Lucie knew each other in another life. That’s how it works. You are always in my prayers, you gorgeous thing!


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